Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Recycled water trough...HELP ME FIND A HOME

Here is the story of our recycled water trough......

My son, Wyatt, made a TACK BOX from an old rusty WATER TROUGH we had here at the farm.

Along with Daddy's guidance, he worked hard for days using everything recycled:
water trough
barn wood
powerline worker's rope
rusty hinges
our old living room carpet inside for the bottom

This turned out beautiful and I am so proud to have this be added to the design in our home! And I am so excited about the storage potential!!
But I seriously need help! I need to find the perfect place to display this before Baileyhusband takes it outside to use in the garage....oh, the thought of it makes me cringe!
I know, I know....all of these items were once used outside...and it's supposed to be a farm tack box......
but my little man has made it a labor of love and I want to keep it nice forever! :)

So here is where I need help! I have drug this thing all over my home trying to find the PERFECT spot...
it was like Goldilocks and the Three Bears. 

1. Living Room coffee table (too tall?)

 2. Living Room under tree mural (too short?)

 3. End of bed storage (not long enough?)

4. Back into the Living Room as side table (too long?)

5. Front room coffee table (too tall and too long?)

6. Front room under window- replacing the bookcrate (too bulky?)

7. Or should I just throw caution to the wind and put it on my front porch where my bistro table is?
Yep, I was too lazy to drag it outdoors to get a picture here.....

Please let me know where I should put this masterpiece!! Can you tell I like to display my kids' artwork?
I love to re-design, recreate, and rearrange, but this time I am at a loss. ANY HELP is APPRECIATED :)


  1. My initial thought was front porch before I saw your options. It could be great storage there and a beautiful entrance into your home... but after seeing the photos, I LOVE it as the coffee table in the main living room. I think that is the perfect place to show it off, have it be useful, and see the constant reminder of how creative and caring your kids are.

    1 vote for coffee table!

  2. Front porch! It would look awesome there and would create a great welcome to your home. :-) But, what do I know about decorating??? Haha!

  3. My vote is for the living room under the tree mural.....OR on the front porch. :) I'm not much help, but no matter where you display it, it will be special!

  4. front room under window or front porch :) :)

    1. I agree with Emma! LOVE this idea....I want one in my houe now! Give your little guy a hug from one repurposer to another!!!

  5. I personally think....front room in front of window! or outside?

  6. I like the tree, but have you thought of putting at the bottom of the stairs as you go to the basement? It would look really cool on the pine floor!

    1. Kami, that made me laugh out loud...picture my kids throwing things down the stairs! Or throwing each other...I have a soft blanket at the bottom for safe landing. But you are right, the pine floors would be a great place for it.

  7. I like it under the window! Looks really cute with the plants on it:)
    Heather Wendt

  8. My first pick is on the front porch as it has the Name of your farm on it! Great focal point! My second choice would be photo #4 as a side table. Doesn't look to long or tall in picture and there was still plenty of room to walk by it. But you could start with photo #1 for a month, #2 for a month, #3 for a month get the idea? I get bored with things always being in the same place. Have fun with it, after all its on wheels! Mom H.

  9. My vote is under the window with plants on it or on the front porch. I also think Mom H. has a great idea about moving it from place to place every month because that way you might decide you do like it in a spot you first thought it was too tall or bulky for. I hope that helps and way to go Wyatt on your first piece of furniture!
    -Tera O.

  10. First off, I love it!!! Looks like your son scored a nice ribbon on it too!!! I think any of the above spaces would work, but since you are asking for opinions I will give you some. Not sure of the exact layout of your house, but would it work behind a sofa for a sofa table? At the foot of your bed... since you think it is too short think about adding something to each end like and old crate or cream can. Since you think under the mural it appears short...what about opening the lid and draping a quilt over the opened lid. Then maybe adding a wreath or picture frames {or anything you could tack {LOL} to the open lid for a little pazaaz. You could still use it for storage by folding some nice quilts and placing over the "stuff. Thanks for entering my giveaway. Love your have a very similar lifestyle to me. I think I am a new follower....I seem to be having issues allowing me to do so. I will check again later and see if I have better luck.

  11. I say under the tree or on the front porch. Nice work Wy, Wy!

  12. I think it makes the perfect coffee table! I actually don't mind the height at all, and I love the rustic feel. We use a high end table instead of a coffee table here and it actually works out really well. Good luck! Such a sweet project, and it'll be a great conversation piece.

  13. front room window

  14. Replies
    1. I have moved it a couple times...first under the window in the front room, now its a side table in the great room. I am a serial re-arranger! :)

    2. I liked the idea of the front porch first...second I liked it as a side table. But, now, I think moving it each month or so would be the thing to do....You could enjoy it wherever you put it. Nice job, Wyatt.

  15. Can they be made a little shorter? I would love to have this for my coffee table

  16. I LOVE this! Your son is UBER talented! My suggestion to you would be to cut it in half, the long way, and keep it under the window. It looks perfect there, and if it was cut in half, it wouldn't stick out so far. Another'd have TWO! Good luck!

  17. I suggest catty corner where the tall plant stand with the sign is (wasn't one of the choices). would hold the plant and you could use it to store also with only having to move the plant from time to time.

  18. Well, I'll say you have a wonderfully talented son! And you need to display it where everyone can see it and appreciate it and let him know how great of a job he did............ but if all of that really didn't matter, it would go perfect in my living room............... :-) I vote for under the window. He did an awesome job!!

    Hugs ~~ Suz

  19. I vote for the window- I saw this on Pinterest and it looks fantastic!! I think your son should go into business producing these and selling them- I would buy one, it stopped me dead in my tracks- Really great looking piece!

  20. Front porch so it is the first thing people see when they enter your home and the last thing they see when they leave.

  21. What about behind the couch as a sofa table? It is a beautiful piece of furniture & I applaud your creative son in his awesome work!! Well done kiddo YOU ROCK!!!
    ~ Sherri Grant

  22. Place a round piece of glass on top and use it in the eat-in kitchen?

  23. I like the porch idea. But you could also use u t as a toy box.


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